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12.12.2017 Car fridge is now available for rent.
20.11.2017 Xantia registered for us and is now available for rent.
18.11.2017 Skibox is now rentable with or without car.
13.11.2017 Bought Citroen Xantia.
20.10.2017 We have new secondary phone number, +358-45-7877 9889.
29.09.2017 We now accept debit and credit card payments. And we still accept cash and bank transfer in advance.
14.08.2017 North-East Helsinki bus routes were upgraded. New buses here are: 54, 61/N/T, 69, 70, 71, 77N, 603, 552, 553/K and 702.
06.07.2017 Car taping is now done. There is also competetion in FB to spot our van somewhere, where you can win van for a day.
05.06.2017 Bought new 2017 edition of "Autoillen Euroopassa" book to rent. Good guide about different rules in European countries. Written in Finnish.
26.05.2017 Mattress and pump now available for rent. Sleep better with this than mattress installed in car.
22.05.2017 Changed sidedoor to Transit, which is now working smoothly and also has a window to let more sun light to back of vehicle to increase pleasant trip.
22.05.2017 Don't drink and drive! Bought alcometer to be hired with or without car to make our customers and other people on roads to be safe.
19.05.2017 Navigator map updated.
04.05.2017 Booking calendar viewable now online.
20.01.2017 Bought Tom Tom Start 25 Europe 45 5" navigator to rent with or without car.
23.12.2016 Our new phone number is +358-50 305 8310. Old number +358-46-950 9310 remain as a secondary number, if main number cannot be reached.
07.12.2016 First car bought and is now available for rent.
17.10.2016 Company registered.
04.10.2016 Business ID received.
30.09.2016 Company founded.
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