Smooth Travel Ltd

Smooth Travel Ltd

- is a company founded September 2016, located in Helsinki, Finland.

Budget van and camping car rental:

We rent 9-seat minibus for example to bands, festival-groups, sport-groups, companies, etc. Goal of our services is smooth and fair customer service besides of affordable prices. Vehicle is not a luxury class vehicle, but it is old. But we regurarly test drive it ourselves to find possible upcoming old car problems, so we have time to fix it to avoid customer to have problem on the road. Of course we do all season maintenances on time also. So regardless of age, car is in good shape.

Solar panel import:

In the future we start to import solar panels to be installed for example on cottages, caravan, mobile home or boat. Our panel will be delivered from our co-operation company from Spain. Panels are high-quality poly-crystal panes and those do not require straight sun light, which means these can be installed horizontal position on the roof of caravan or vertical position to the cottage wall, and works also on cloudy weather, but surely not in highest power. Panels can also handle reasonable amount of snow. We will help customer to calculate amount of required power to help to choose enough powerful panels and batteries, but also not to choose too powerful system. We also try to find good quality mobile panels to charge phones and tablets, which we start selling to customers.


Also we can do some programming projects. Our strenght is more on the techinal side, like booking system, than graphical design.

Contact information:

+358-50-305 8310
Visiting address / location of car:
00720 Helsinki
Later we get hall from Pasila
Smooth Travel Ltd | Helsinki, Finland | +358-50-305 8310, +358-45-7877 9889 | email
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